Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feb Bee blocks

My weekends are soooooooooo precious now that full timework is happening. I am too exhausted to do much of an evening so Saturday afternoon is my only time to 'create'. The only thing I got to do today were these bee blocks:

BrianaArlene in the red and aqua bee requested wonky star blocks

I love how a high how amount of accurancy is not needed and the blocks are very effective !

Debbie in the Bee in my bonnet bee sent out a orange square to use in the middle and an aqua and chocolate brown strip and asked us to create a log cabin using scraps from our stash.

I tried to choose fabrics that had aqua, orange and brown in it... she plans to cut each square up and use it to create a wall hanging in a modified bento pattern.

Not a great idea to take a photo of this block on a chocolate coloured lounge !

Anyway... hopefully tomorrow will give me a bit of time to do my own sewing !

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Planning a 2nd Birthday

Not much going on here.... work, work, and work and no play for this little one. I am planning a second birthday party..... I am thinking a cupcake theme cake and have just ordered the invites.
Apart from that I have to wait until the weekend to get any kind of machine sewing done !

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Limited time

I am finding the hardest part of returning to work full time is the limited time I have to myself. While my job is fun and enjoyable, by the time we get home do dinner, baths, clean up and get prepared for the next day there is not much time left in the evening for 'me'.
Luckily I have an arrangement on the weekend that kinda works with my husband : he plays golf in the morning and I play with Isabella and on saturday afternoon I get 'me' time and he plays with Isabella. Sunday is family day and we do things together.
Anyway this afternoon I made these blocks for Erin in the 'Bee seam piecing downunder' bee:

She sent everyone different coloured fabric depending on what there favourite colours were. I got a great range of my current favourite pink and aqua schemed fabrics. She requested that we make blocks in any theme that we like. This is what I did:

This block was originally going to be a modified bento block but I got interupted with a phone call and I knew I only had today to make her 2 blocks. So I had to improvise but I still really like it.

This block I made using the good old log cabin technique

Erin also requested that we embellish this white piece of fabric with 'something' and add our name and state on it. I am really into suffolk puffs at them moment. Hope she likes them !!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Zippered waterproof pouch

I have a Year 9 class this year, who I am teaching basic skills to. Currently we are looking at surface decoration skills and will be exploring decoration techniques such as couching, dyeing, printing, use of other materials, applique etc. The students are then required to apply their newly leart skills to design and make an item that 'carries something' and of course they mostly want to make i phone cases and I pod cases etc.
Today I quickly whipped up this example using clear vinyl on the outside so it does not get wet and a nice print on the inside. I didn't have time to embellish my fabric and just wanted to test out the pattern I was using before I showed it to the students.
Am thinking about sending it to my MMM ( Make mine modern ) partner in her swap package..... what do you think ?