Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No news is good news !!

Well... I still have my baby bump, still look pregnant and still am carrying our baby. This photo was taken a few weeks ago at Isabella's second birthday, and unfortunately I don't have any other baby bump pictures.

Today the doctor came around to visit me, put the CTG scan on and while there was some activity in terms of the uterus contracting they were not that worried about it.

I got told to have bed rest, bed rest and more bed rest. They are still not sure what is happening and why, but bubba is happy and has a good heart rate is is still moving and kicking about so that is a good sign. I am bored of hospital food, day time TV and the 'busyness' of a major hospital is hardly relaxing !! But just taking one day at a time, every hour and minute bubba can stay put the better of he/she will be.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sitting and waiting, waiting and sitting

I am writing this blog post after a very interesting weekend. Grab a cuppa, sit down and I will tell you about it.... it is quite long and involved: - I went to the midwife for a normal checkup on wednesday lasty week and mentioned that I had expereinced some 'tightening' similar to what I expereinced with Isabella. - She suggested I see a specialist and the earliest I could get in was Friday - I wasn't too worried about it and carried on as normal - I went to work on Friday and left to attend my appointment - my 'tightening' were contractions and I was going into premature labour - again very similar to Isabella - Hubby went back to work to pack up my stuff and to collect Isabella - He arrived at our local hospital with them packing me into an ambulance to drive to Canberra ( 3 hours away ) as that was our closest neo natal intensive care unit. - Contractions occured all weekend, but with drugs and steriods they did settle down a little. In summary : I am sitting the last of my pregnancy weeks out in hospital in canberra, away from hubby, isabella and family in case bubba does come along. I have to be here until I hit at least 34 weeks ( currently I am 31 weeks ) and then I am allowed to go back home. So with no craft, no sewing machine, a pile of magazines and books - I hope I don't go too crazy ! Got the internet on today - so at least I can read blogs and keep busy that way. Anyway I will be able to blog about what I do each day, about the hospital food I am eating and keep you up to date on any baby news.... will have to get hubby to bring in camera to upload some photos and set the scene.. until then !!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

MMM item 2

Time is limited and with the due date for the MMM (Make mine modern ) swap fast approaching I spent some of today getting one of my items done for my swap partner. It wasn't what I was going to do but I just had to 'go with the flow' in the end.

I ended up making fabric baskets based on a tutorial found here . I think I like them:

Designed for the swap person's sewing room - I though the safety pins and zipper fabric was cute !
A cute floral fabric with the interior the safety pin and zipper fabric

Not the greatest of photos but I think you get the idea

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nicole's march block

March is Nicole's month in the 'Bee seam piecing downunder' bee. She requested a block that looks like this.
Initially I looked at the block and thought.... WOW I won't be able to produce that block !!! But......

I did it !!!

The only unfortunate thing is that I ran out of fabric for the last two rows ... I hope she likes it and can't wait to see this quilt finished !

Sunday, March 13, 2011

MMM bag

I put my name down for the 'Make mine modern' swap item again seeing it was such a blast last time around. I have known who my partner for a while now and despite stalking their flickr pictures I struggles to come up with any great ideas.

Also their favourite fabrics are nothing that I have in my stash and are quite 'out there' for me. Last night I made this bag using the Amy Butler Birdie sling pattern - I hope they like it.

Now..... onto the other item/s

Hard to get a great photo and the bands are heavily interfaced so they are quite stiff

I think you gwt the idea:

The orange and grey combination look quite good together !

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jen's march blocks

Jen from the bee 'Bee in my bonnet' sent out some gorgeous pink and green fabrics for her month this month.

She requested 'anything goes' as long as one block featured her Heather Ross Gnome fabric and the other her Heather Ross mushroom fabric. Here is what I came up with :

I thought the gardening gnomes were super cute and begging to be made up into a flower. I have used raw edge applique for this one

The mushroom fabric I thought to use in a improvised block so they look like they were sprouting up everywhere. Hope Jen likes them !

Friday, March 11, 2011

Isabella's 2nd Birthday

Isabella turned 2 last weekend - where has that time gone ?? It only feels like the other day that she was born !
In between 2 lots of vistors over 2 weeks and a birthday party for 35 people, not much sewing has been done. Plenty of party prepartion and cake making done though ! Her theme this year for the invites and cake was 'cupcakes' can you tell from the photos ??

2 giant cupcakes and lots of little ones around it

All she wanted was the lollies on top though

enjoying the party with her friends

One giant cupcake went to daycare and the rest were eaten !