Monday, March 28, 2011

Sitting and waiting, waiting and sitting

I am writing this blog post after a very interesting weekend. Grab a cuppa, sit down and I will tell you about it.... it is quite long and involved: - I went to the midwife for a normal checkup on wednesday lasty week and mentioned that I had expereinced some 'tightening' similar to what I expereinced with Isabella. - She suggested I see a specialist and the earliest I could get in was Friday - I wasn't too worried about it and carried on as normal - I went to work on Friday and left to attend my appointment - my 'tightening' were contractions and I was going into premature labour - again very similar to Isabella - Hubby went back to work to pack up my stuff and to collect Isabella - He arrived at our local hospital with them packing me into an ambulance to drive to Canberra ( 3 hours away ) as that was our closest neo natal intensive care unit. - Contractions occured all weekend, but with drugs and steriods they did settle down a little. In summary : I am sitting the last of my pregnancy weeks out in hospital in canberra, away from hubby, isabella and family in case bubba does come along. I have to be here until I hit at least 34 weeks ( currently I am 31 weeks ) and then I am allowed to go back home. So with no craft, no sewing machine, a pile of magazines and books - I hope I don't go too crazy ! Got the internet on today - so at least I can read blogs and keep busy that way. Anyway I will be able to blog about what I do each day, about the hospital food I am eating and keep you up to date on any baby news.... will have to get hubby to bring in camera to upload some photos and set the scene.. until then !!


  1. Ohmigoodness bless your heart! I wish you peace and relaxation and perhaps some Amazon Kindle to the rescue!!

  2. Oh NOOOO I missed this yesterday! Poor you, it must suck being so far from your family and having to be on bed rest sucks!! I also had tightenings with my 2nd pregnancy from 28 weeks but I didn't have her until 38 weeks. So I'll be crossing my fingers for you that your bubba also stays in there until it's good and cooked!! :)
    Take care xx