Monday, September 20, 2010

Christmas has come early !

OMG...... I have just recieved the BEST present ever from my secret swap partner in the {Urban} home goods swap.... Look what I got :

Sewing themed goodies in the form of scissors holder, and needlecase and.....

pincushion and tape measure and..................

sewing machine cover !!!!!! I couldn't of asked for a better swap partner ! Love the sewing theme items, love the fabrics and love the fact that it will fit in with my chocolate and aqua sewing room!
Thanks so much Kelly your the best !

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A simple embellished white shirt

Take a white T-Shirt from Target, add a 10c motif found at Vinnies = a cute little shirt with a beaded flower that looks way more then expensive then it cost to make. In all the new shirt and motif plus 20 minutes of sewing cost me $4 !!!

I had to bribe the model by putting on 'Finding Nemo' to get a semi decent picture of her waering it !
A closer shot.... look at the transfixed gaze she has going on there !

Finally a semi decent shot... but I wish she wasn't poking her belly out !

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bee blocks

I have been busy keeping up with my bees this month, as I am away next week for a long overdue holiday. Here are the bee blocks I have made:

Firsty Julie in the 'Bee in my bonnet' bee sent out a range of pink, green and chocolate fabrics and wanted us to make a block based on this tutorial.

One block was to be 13 inches and the other block was to be 5 inches

I just love her combination of pink, green and chocolate fabrics

Secondly for Hollie in the 'Red and Aqua' bee, she requested a set pattern and block based on the tutorial here

Both blocks are slightly different.... hope she like them !

With these committments done, time for my own sewing time ! yay !!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A special request

I had an unusual request this week.... another teacher at school his daughter was turning 5 today and she is obsessed with dinosaurs. The uglier and more gross they look, the more she likes them ! She is also found of dragons but can name fact after fact about dinosaurs !! A girl who hates pink and likes scary dinosaurs ! Anyway he asked if I could make her a dinosaur for her birthday ! I used a pattern from my 'One Yard wonders book' to make her a dinosaur softie but could not make the mean and scary looking !
Anyway on all reports Ruby loved it ! Happy 5th Birthday Ruby !

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bee block for Bella

This month in the 'Bee seam piecing downunder' group it is my month. I have chosen a basic block using my moda basic grey - blush offcut range. I love the combination if pink and aqua with just a hint of chocolate. However i think it does need something in the middle.......

I am thinking maybe applique another square in the middle ???? Not sure... may just have to wait and see all the blocks returned before I make a decision.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A bunting for Bella

I am forever sewing goods for other people as favours or presents that I often forget to make nice cute things for myself or my own daughter. I have always loved the look of a 'bunting' and wanted to make one for Isabella for her room. Eventually when she comes out of a cot and into a bed I want to have nice white furniture and make it pretty and girly.

So....... I have made her a bunting to match her quilt that is currently being made by the bee members of the Bee seam piecing downunder group. It was really hard to get a good photo of it as it is really long ( 16 flags long in fact ! ) and it was really windy all weekend and still is today.

I used my moda basic grey - blush fabric and her quilt will match. Still undecided on the actual look of the quilt as such... but more about that tomorrow !!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Fathers day !

Today is Fathers day... it was celebrated with a sleep in for Dad, a picnic with yummy goodies in the glorious sunshine, 9 holes of golf for Dad with a friend and watching footy with a few beverages this afternoon.

Enjoy your day...... Love you long time XX

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
Well it is that time of year where it is time to start thinking of christmas and all the goodies that go with the festive season. I am going to continue my pledge to make handmade items for friends and family this year, and have started to compile a list of things that need to be done and for whom. A big task...... but I am sure it will get done with a few midnight sewing sessions and plenty of coffee !!!
Family always say that I am hard to buy for... so I thought I would start my own list of items that I would appreciate if they were stuck for an idea.
First up is the gorgeous kit from 'Prints charming' which can be found here

The hearts get embroidered and made up into a garland, or pin cuhion or decoration... so sweet ! All their fabrics are hand printed and are just gorgeous !! It comes in pink, aqua or teal !!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{Urban} home goods swap

With a week or so of sickness in the family I have not been able go near my sewing machine. However feeling 100% better now and have managed to finish the goods for my partner. I am going to end up sending :

1. A pile of hexies

2. A pair of potholders

3. A plastic bag/ grocery bag dispenser ( it was hard to get a good photo ogf this one )

The tutorial for the plastic bag dispenser can be found here

As mentioned I was challenged with the fabric style and colour range for my swap partner... I just hope she likes them. I also made the 'tree' ( see previous posts ) which I am going to send unframed to my partner as I was not quite sure whether a pillow would do it justice. I think this will be enough !