Thursday, April 28, 2011

First haircut

For a long time.... like 18 months my daughter had no hair and would often get called a boy even when dressed in pink. Well she has just had her first haircut today..... she participated so well and sat super still. I just wanted to get rid of the wispy bits and allow it to thicken up a little.

She loved looking in the mirror and it is just another reminder that she is growing up way to fast !! On the sewing front - I finished Kelly's blocks from the 'Bee seam piecing downunder bee'. She asked for 'Kitchen window' blocks. Here is what I made and sent off today.

Hope she likes them. They were quick and easy to make ..... I love how the dark ash frames the coloured prints

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Home sweet home !

Home sweet home.... aah there is nothing better. While I loved being looked after and having sleep ins and meals cooked there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed and being able to do your own thing !!!

So I arrived home late last night, have a huge pile of washing and unpacking and all the usual chores to do but at least I am home and now we can get back to some sort of semi routine ! I am currently 35 weeks and 1 day - technically our local hospital won't take me until I am 36 weeks but whats a few days !!!

Waiting for me when I got back... ( apart from a million bills ) was my package from my MMM swap partner Viv - aka sew vivid - how lucky am I !!

I got :

- 2 fabric baskets - perfect for my sewing room

- a cute pair of baby shoes - they will come in handy !!

- 3 fabric covered buttons

- a delicious stack of fabrics in pinks and browns

- some vintage ric rac, 2 reels of ribbon, a ' I love quilting' ribbon

- a huge bag of buttons


A cushion cover !! I was super spoilt !

Thanks so much Viv - LOVE everything !

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bubbles !!

How do you tire out a 2 year old who is very active and is out of her normal routine ? Isabella has missed over 2 weeks of daycare now due to us having to be close to a tertiary hospital which is fine but working full time I forgot how active she is and how much entertaining she needs. When bubba number 2 arrives she will still go to daycare 2 days a week for socialisation purpose and I am beginning to wonder how I am going to cope with a new born and a active 2 year old ??

Nanny came to the rescue and pulled out a motorised bubble maker and Isabella spent the morning running and chasing and chasing and running after the bubbles

It was a great way to tire her out and a great way to capture some recent shots. I must admit I have not had the camera out recently and she is growing up way to quickly !

Such innocence.........................

and wonder................

I remember so clearly the day she was born.. where has my baby gone ?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Goodie bag swap

I have joined another swap... yes I can't help myself. As the name suggests this one is to swap bags and I LOVE bags !!! Plus it gave me an excuse to buy this book:

I have had my eye on this one for a while and am in LOVE with the bag on the front called a 'Cosmo Bag'. Over at flickr there are a ton of these bags made up. See here.

I think some of my favourites are these ones that use bright, bold colours.

Off to stalk my partner and work out what to make for her !

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hair clips for Bella

With doctor's orders I have been keeping quite at my parents house and have moved around very little over the last 2 weeks. I need to stay within 20 minutes of a tertiary hospital in case I do go into labour and our local hospital does not have a neo natal intensive care unit.

I am currently 33 weeks and need to stay here until approximately 36 weeks - and stay on limited activities !!

Needless to say I am a little bored, don't have access to my sewing machine and can't really do too much. I have however made Isabella these cute hair clips:

Any other ideas for craft projects with limited resources ??