Sunday, October 30, 2011

summer dresses

Sewing, sewing and more sewing. All gifts or are custom orders.... talk about sweatshop !!!

not that enjoyable really - very un creative ! But knocking over a few xmas presents !

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweet summer dress

I am still determined to make my babies some special things on a weekly basis and not spend all my limited sewing time making things for other. So........ in between my brothers wedding in melbourne ( which I still have not posted about ) and a funeral in Port Macquarie we have been all over the state recently !!!

Today Miss Isabella had this cute summer dress made for her :

I just love this fabric... it was only one I picked up from spotlight !

Cute for summer ... and if she does not grow too much she could even wear it in winter teamed with a long sleeve pink t shirt

Now... onto sewing for others !

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Skipping girls

Have you started your christmas shopping yet ? Someone mentioned yesterday it was only 10 weeks away .... aagh !!

I have been busy making some more skipping girls and have recently started a facebook page where you can purchase my bunting flags, skipping ropes and hair ties and hair clips. Check it out here

They are perfect for every little girl and are a great way to fill up that Christmas stocking !

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pillow talk swap - Recieved

How lucky am I ?? I had this super special parcel in my mailbox today and I couldn't wait to open it ! Anticpation........ what could it be, I thought it may of been my pillow from the pillow talk swap but didn't want to get my hopes up !

Beautifully wrapted with a special card, gorgeous ribbon/trim and some little charm squares... It was my pillow !!

How cute is it.... so my style and tastes ! And look at those sherbet pip fabrics !! It was from the lovely Leila of 'Where orchids grow' ( go check out her blog ) ....and she didn't have to do much stalking to know my style and tastes as she had me in a previous swap ( MMM).

Thanks so much Leila... I think I will save this one for Kiah's room - so pretty and girly ! I love it XXXX

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shoes for Kiah

In an attempt to make 'something' for my girls on a weekly basis and to ensure my precious sewing time is not all used on goodies for other people.... I made Kiah these shoes today from the Amy Butler book ' Little stitches'.

Trying to get a decent photo of madam wearing them..... is a whole other story !

The pattern is a little large on the sole of the shoe, but they are great as they velcro around the ankle and can't be easily pulled off or lost. I have done them up super tight in the photo as I was trying to hide/ disguise the pureed pumpkin on the left leg of her jumpsuit ! LOL.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scrap swap

It's still a little crazy around here at the moment !! We have just got back from my brother's wedding in melbourne ( another post about that later ) and I have soooooo much on my plate at the moment that sometimes I don't know what to finish first ! I have orders for buntings coming out my ears, bee blocks to make and send, kiah's christmas stocking to start, christmas gifts to make..... and on top off all this I join another swap !

The lovely Kat is hosting a 'scrap swap' where you make something out of scraps for your partner, send some scraps a an item 'specific' to you local area. Sounds like fun doesn't it !!!

I requested a journal cover/ notebook cover and or a pouch. The inspiration I posted can be seen below and I hope it gives my partner some idea of what I like...

My partner is into bright colours and some fabrics I don't normally work with but thats o.k.....

So far I have made a mug rug :

The 'cross' was straight until I started quilting... hopefully my partner can look past that slight imperfection. Another item to go with it is yet to be made... but I have plans !

Monday, October 3, 2011

Custom Orders

I have been busy doing some custom order buntings today. This one was for a local lady for her daughter :-

I love the subtle colours on the butterflies. It should look really pretty in her little girls room. I also had a spaceship/space themed request for a boys room. This one should also look pretty good in a boys room :-

I have just ordered fabric for another custom request, the customer wanted a 'my little pony' and a 'care bear' one made. I didn't even knew these icons were still around, I remember them from when I was young ! Plus I am on the hunt for a 'nautical' themed bunting for another customer in red, blue and white.... talk about busy !!! It's funny what a little self promotion on facebook can do !