Friday, October 14, 2011

Pillow talk swap - Recieved

How lucky am I ?? I had this super special parcel in my mailbox today and I couldn't wait to open it ! Anticpation........ what could it be, I thought it may of been my pillow from the pillow talk swap but didn't want to get my hopes up !

Beautifully wrapted with a special card, gorgeous ribbon/trim and some little charm squares... It was my pillow !!

How cute is it.... so my style and tastes ! And look at those sherbet pip fabrics !! It was from the lovely Leila of 'Where orchids grow' ( go check out her blog ) ....and she didn't have to do much stalking to know my style and tastes as she had me in a previous swap ( MMM).

Thanks so much Leila... I think I will save this one for Kiah's room - so pretty and girly ! I love it XXXX

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