Saturday, October 1, 2011

A little crazy !!!

We have had the most craziest fun filled week....we have had 16 adult friends visiting from all parts of the NSW and QLD state. Friends from Matt's university and living overseas days meet up once a year for a week of catch up and fun filled adventure. Usually the catch up only last 3 days, and it is held somewhere along the 'coast' but this year we played 'host' and it was held in Merimbula. With people travelling up to 17 hours to join in the festivities meant that the usual 3 days was not long enough so most stayed a week. As mentioned there were 16 adults but clearly outnumbered by the 22 kids !! So Isabella had a ball ! Our friends didn't stay with us but rather hired out units but we still played host in terms of a 'dinner' one night, and sightseeing with trips to our local attractions. Hence any sewing time has been non existent this week and I am really starting to get a little anxious about not being able to create something !

I did manage to make this little munchkin this afternoon...... I have nicknamed her 'Shirley'

She was made for Kiah but I think Isabella has claimed her !!

I am making a concentrated effort to make things for my girls, as I never seem to make them anything. So.... I think another sheep for Kiah is on the cards for tomorrow !

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