Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not 100%

We have had a very trying week and a half with everyone except for Kiah in the household getting sick !! Isabella started last sunday asking for a sleep at 9:30 in the morning and this is soooooooo not like her so I knew something was up ! By wednesday she was not eating or drinking and the doctor was testing for whooping cough ! Several sleepless nights and worrying days later she tested negative and has only just picked up slightly ! She is at least drinking again and nibbling at food ! However the 'germs' have spread and everyone has had it except for little Kiah.... she seems immune ( so far ) to this awful virus !

Little madam started solids this week - good old rice cereal and water..... so far she seems to like it but she is only getting a teaspoon at a time.

So hopefully when the energy returns I will have something fun to share... being sick and looking after a little one who is sick is so draining ! But.... we are definately on the road to recovery !!

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