Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !!!

Isabella LOVES the movie 'Mary Poppins' and if I let her she would watch it every day all day ! She knows and understands the story line, sings along with the songs and even tells me what is about to happen next in the movie before it happens. So while in Sydney recently we went along to the Capitol theatre to see the stage production. Matt was a little hesitant at her ability to sit through the performance due to her age and the cost of the tickets - they are not cheap !!!
However I am happy to report she LOVED it - she sat and did not move, sang and bopped along and even requested 'more mum' at intermission and when the show was over ! It was so lovely it brought tears to my eyes... she is growing up way to fast !

Outside the theatre with my mum - she was just excited to see the poster of Mary !

Enjoying a choc top at intermission

This was her expression thoughout the performance - smiling from ear to ear ! Notice the dress is missing..... we will have to work on theatre etiquette !!!

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