Sunday, October 30, 2011

summer dresses

Sewing, sewing and more sewing. All gifts or are custom orders.... talk about sweatshop !!!

not that enjoyable really - very un creative ! But knocking over a few xmas presents !

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweet summer dress

I am still determined to make my babies some special things on a weekly basis and not spend all my limited sewing time making things for other. So........ in between my brothers wedding in melbourne ( which I still have not posted about ) and a funeral in Port Macquarie we have been all over the state recently !!!

Today Miss Isabella had this cute summer dress made for her :

I just love this fabric... it was only one I picked up from spotlight !

Cute for summer ... and if she does not grow too much she could even wear it in winter teamed with a long sleeve pink t shirt

Now... onto sewing for others !

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Skipping girls

Have you started your christmas shopping yet ? Someone mentioned yesterday it was only 10 weeks away .... aagh !!

I have been busy making some more skipping girls and have recently started a facebook page where you can purchase my bunting flags, skipping ropes and hair ties and hair clips. Check it out here

They are perfect for every little girl and are a great way to fill up that Christmas stocking !

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pillow talk swap - Recieved

How lucky am I ?? I had this super special parcel in my mailbox today and I couldn't wait to open it ! Anticpation........ what could it be, I thought it may of been my pillow from the pillow talk swap but didn't want to get my hopes up !

Beautifully wrapted with a special card, gorgeous ribbon/trim and some little charm squares... It was my pillow !!

How cute is it.... so my style and tastes ! And look at those sherbet pip fabrics !! It was from the lovely Leila of 'Where orchids grow' ( go check out her blog ) ....and she didn't have to do much stalking to know my style and tastes as she had me in a previous swap ( MMM).

Thanks so much Leila... I think I will save this one for Kiah's room - so pretty and girly ! I love it XXXX

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shoes for Kiah

In an attempt to make 'something' for my girls on a weekly basis and to ensure my precious sewing time is not all used on goodies for other people.... I made Kiah these shoes today from the Amy Butler book ' Little stitches'.

Trying to get a decent photo of madam wearing them..... is a whole other story !

The pattern is a little large on the sole of the shoe, but they are great as they velcro around the ankle and can't be easily pulled off or lost. I have done them up super tight in the photo as I was trying to hide/ disguise the pureed pumpkin on the left leg of her jumpsuit ! LOL.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scrap swap

It's still a little crazy around here at the moment !! We have just got back from my brother's wedding in melbourne ( another post about that later ) and I have soooooo much on my plate at the moment that sometimes I don't know what to finish first ! I have orders for buntings coming out my ears, bee blocks to make and send, kiah's christmas stocking to start, christmas gifts to make..... and on top off all this I join another swap !

The lovely Kat is hosting a 'scrap swap' where you make something out of scraps for your partner, send some scraps a an item 'specific' to you local area. Sounds like fun doesn't it !!!

I requested a journal cover/ notebook cover and or a pouch. The inspiration I posted can be seen below and I hope it gives my partner some idea of what I like...

My partner is into bright colours and some fabrics I don't normally work with but thats o.k.....

So far I have made a mug rug :

The 'cross' was straight until I started quilting... hopefully my partner can look past that slight imperfection. Another item to go with it is yet to be made... but I have plans !

Monday, October 3, 2011

Custom Orders

I have been busy doing some custom order buntings today. This one was for a local lady for her daughter :-

I love the subtle colours on the butterflies. It should look really pretty in her little girls room. I also had a spaceship/space themed request for a boys room. This one should also look pretty good in a boys room :-

I have just ordered fabric for another custom request, the customer wanted a 'my little pony' and a 'care bear' one made. I didn't even knew these icons were still around, I remember them from when I was young ! Plus I am on the hunt for a 'nautical' themed bunting for another customer in red, blue and white.... talk about busy !!! It's funny what a little self promotion on facebook can do !

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pillow talk swap

I have been working on this pillow for my partner in the pillow talk swap. It is made using the 'spider web' block and I have used some Denyse Schmitt Pinics and Fairgrounds fabrics.

My partner likes a 'scrappy' look...... I am hoping this will suit her tastes.

The back of the is done is a nice blue denium with red star buttons..... now will I try another idea or run with this one to send ? I still have a bit of time up my sleeve before I need to send it.

A new book

I'm a sucker for any new craft book. One of my favourite fabric designers - Tanya Whelan has just released this book : -
It looks like it has some lovely projects in it... Lucky christmas is just around the corner and at only $20 it is a bargain !! Now...... if I could just 'buy' some more free time to get everyything done! Does anyone know where I can get some from ?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A little crazy !!!

We have had the most craziest fun filled week....we have had 16 adult friends visiting from all parts of the NSW and QLD state. Friends from Matt's university and living overseas days meet up once a year for a week of catch up and fun filled adventure. Usually the catch up only last 3 days, and it is held somewhere along the 'coast' but this year we played 'host' and it was held in Merimbula. With people travelling up to 17 hours to join in the festivities meant that the usual 3 days was not long enough so most stayed a week. As mentioned there were 16 adults but clearly outnumbered by the 22 kids !! So Isabella had a ball ! Our friends didn't stay with us but rather hired out units but we still played host in terms of a 'dinner' one night, and sightseeing with trips to our local attractions. Hence any sewing time has been non existent this week and I am really starting to get a little anxious about not being able to create something !

I did manage to make this little munchkin this afternoon...... I have nicknamed her 'Shirley'

She was made for Kiah but I think Isabella has claimed her !!

I am making a concentrated effort to make things for my girls, as I never seem to make them anything. So.... I think another sheep for Kiah is on the cards for tomorrow !