Friday, July 15, 2011

SUTK Swap - Part 2

As part of my package for the 'Spicing up the kitchen swap' the lovely Leila from 'Where orchids grow' made a bib for Kiah. I have been trying all week to get a decent photo of madam wearing it. Unfortunately this is the best I can do :

You get the idea !! Madam will be 2 months tomorrow and has really started to develop a little personality which includes only sleeping when being held or breastfed. Hence the lack of sewing and 'me time' !


  1. Oh that's tough! Just repeat to yourself "it will be over before I know it.... it will be over before I know it...." hugs! You will get there Xx

  2. Lol! Thanks for taking the picture of Kiah wearing the way too big bib!
    My little one would only sleep on a 'human mattress" for the longest time. As with all things it passes it just takes some time :-)

  3. oh mine is 2 months and all the same!
    such a cute bib!**