Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jasmine's apron

Jasmine is a little girl who was born 9 days later then Isabella. When I was pregnant with Isabella and Nat was pregnant with Jasmine we were meant to be 4 weeks apart in due date and the plan was for Nat to go into labour and tell me all about it - what to do, what not to do, what drugs to ask for etc. As it happened I had Isabella first - approximately 5 weeks early and the day I left hospital was the day Nat had Jasmine ! Although born very close together these girls are completely different in terms of reaching their milestones, what they like and of course personality ! Anyway Jasmine turns 2 in March and I thought I would make this cure little apron for her:

I just love the main fabric used, it has little definitions, cute pictures and cook utensils on it

I added the pink ric rac on the pockets for a bit of a change.

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