Friday, August 6, 2010

I Love my fridays !!!!

Friday is the only day of the week that my daughter goes daycare.... giving me a day to catch up on chores, make something scrumptious from my 1000 cookbooks and of course do some sewing !!!! Although I do miss her, I love the fact that I am not battling to get her to sleep, eat properly, entertain her etc.... She is a shocking sleeper during the day and I am lucky to get a 30 minute sleep out of her. Needless to say by the time friday comes round I almost jump out of bed with joy at the thought I having a day to myself ! I have been doing some casual work on a friday but this has been rather sporadic. Today I am piecing together my blocks from the 'Bee in my Bonnet' month. I asked for a wonky square and requested that they be 12.5 inches. I didn't sent out enough fabric, so people struggles getting it together but managed quite well. I have laid my blocks out and love how no two are the same. I need to make a fe more to make it a bit bigger and then quilt it. I think I will do the binding with the left over scraps I have.
Any thoughts on how it should be quilted ???

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