Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Learning to crochet

Learning to crochet has been on my 'bucket list' forever, and despite reading books and watching you tube videos I just could not get it. I could do 'parts' like chain stitch but would get lost when having to treble or double crochet. Anyway my friend Gabi and I sat down and mastered an easy hat for our girls. The pattern came from Retro mummy and was super easy to follow and do especially for a novice like me. The pattern for the hat can be found here.

My 'model' ( daughter) is in bed so I had to take a picture with the hats on the lounger and put fabric underneath it so you could get an idea. Both of these were made according to corrie's pattern but I have added the 'edge' to finish it off.

I like the different colours of the wool in this one.

Now................. onto something to hold my crochet hooks and patterns in !

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