Monday, August 9, 2010

Show and Tell - Part 1

O.k, so I have less then 10 minutes to post a small part of the experience of the Canberra Stitches and Craft show and of course to show what I bought. Running like an hour late we arrived and I attended my first workshop on 'raw edge applique' as the name suggests you don't finish the edge and you free motion around the shape several times before adding the detail later. I still prefer traditonal applique with blanket stitch I think, but it did look good on bright modern quilts. The edge frays slightly apparently ??? Then I did a workshop called ' Scrapbooking - French Style' I was thinking hmmmmm nice white provencial furniture, cute bicyles, florished edges.... nope it was just cutting photos into 3 circles and leaving a small gap before adhering them ?? Then I saw an amazing demonstration by Stephen Mapstone ( husband of Prue mapstone ) who showed an amazing french knitting machine that created cord in like 10 seconds !! It was pretty cool. I could use it at school when doing textile arts....

Two hours into the show and I made my first purchase.... some sashiko supplies. I am thinking I will quilt my blue asian inspired quilt this way when I make up all the blocks. However never having done it before thought I better practise on a small sample.

This will be made into a pillow and I have used a blue veriagated thread. It basically is a simple running stitch and is super easy. I did this little bit on the way home in the car.

I think the sashiko stands out better in the dark fabric.... I have got my thread into a bit knotted mess already ! I also got a book on Japanese sashiko designs and project ideas. Even though it is in Japanese it is fairly easy to follow.

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