Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DS - Pinics and Fairgrounds

There has been a lot of chat and discussion amongst bloggers and in the flickr world about Denyse Schmidt fabric line - Picnics and Fairgrounds. Today at Spotlight these fabrics went on sale. I have not even seen the whole fabric range but because there was such a buzz about them I also wanted these fabrics.
However with my local spotlight 3 hours away I wasn't driving anywhere with a newborn to get any. I did manage to find out what stores were keeping the entire range ( some stores were only keeping a selected few prints ), rang them and manage to get 1/2 a metre of the entire collection.

What I will do with them I have no idea..... but I have them ! Do you ever do that... purchase something because everyone else has it ? I figure I will sell the ones I don't like or bundle them up as a giveaway if I don't 'love' them when they arrive.

With Matt being on 2 weeks paternity leave, I have to sneak out to the mailbox to see if any recent purchases arrive - this online shopping is killing me espically as I feed every 3 hours and surfing the net is a great way to pass time !

Will post a picture of the fabrics when they arrive !

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