Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The cake

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make something....... but you just didn't know where to start ? I have always admired the amazing cakes at 'The Royal Easter Show' and have added to my 'bucket list' to do a cake decorating course one day. Some of the cakes I see every year are real pieces of art and have hours and hours of work put into them.... it would be a shame to eat them. However living in a small rural town I know I would only be able to do a such a course in the 'big smoke' but not in our little town. I was also inspired to find a course when I saw the episode the other night on 'Masterchef' and the contestants did some amazing piping and decorative work at 'Sweet art'. To make and mould intricate pieces out of sugar and icing it just blows me away at how versatile these ingredients are.
A friend that I went to school, is in the process of making cakes as a 'hobby' and volunteered to do Kiah's christening cake. Together we came up with the design..... but the actual cake drew my breath away and it needed a seperate post about it !! So here is her work of art :

Two tiers - one white chocolate mud, one chocolate mud with edible decorations

and how cute are the little bear and rabbit !

She did an amazing job and it brought a tear to my eye to cut it ! So....... I am on the hunt for a cake decorating course and would like to pursue this medium and create 'edible' craft in the not to distant future !

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