Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hair clip hangers for Mia and addie

This week has been a crazy week - Kiah is being christened on Saturday and with both sets of grandparents living 6 hours away we have had a house full and this weekend is bound to get crazier with sisters and brother in law arriving tomorrow. We will have 8 adults and 6 kids in a 3bedroom house ! Anyway it will be crazy but all worth it as I love having everyone around. I will be having my 4 and 7 year old nieces stay and they have just had a birthday and I always give them something 'handmade'. Not wanting to break the tradition I made these quick and easy hair clip hangers to hold their hair clips on and so that they can hang them in their room and keep everything neat and tidy.

This is for addi - ( the 4 year old )

This one if for Mia ( the 7 year old )

Not great pictures - but the ribbon in the middle is straight it is just attached at the top, middle and bottom so they can loop through any ribbons or hair elastics.

I am sure I won't be psoting anything over the weekend - but will be back to share christening photos and a debrief of the weekend !


  1. Hey Mrs E... turns out all those reply emails I've been sending to you for commenting on my blog have been going to no-reply blogger - WHOOPS!!

    Anyway... go read my blog. It contains some happy news for you. Then email me your addy!!

  2. I loved the first one with purple color, it looks more attractive than the second one. Hope you to come up with something new this weekends.