Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buntings galore !

Chances are if your child has a birthday, christening, or just a special occasion coming up that they may recieve a bunting from me as a gift !!! Why ??? You see I made a bunting for Isabella room's to match her quilt and my sister in law said I should sell them. Hmmmmm could I make a little bit of money by selling my crafty wares - obviously I only want enough to fund my next fabric purchase !!!!!!!!! So... I made my niece Gabi ( mother to my suggestive sister in law ) a 'Ballerina' bunting.

It's quite hard to get a good picture of a bunting. They are 3 metres long, feature 8 flags and are quite 'cute'. So then I made an alphabet inspired 'nursey' bunting for a girls room:

a boys jungle themed bunting:-

a multi coloured striped bunting. This one also have blue and yellow flags.

A friend of mine is taking them to her market stall to see how they go but I am faced with 2 dilema's:

1. what to charge for them ??

2. If they don't sell I will be left with a lots of buntings that I will probably give away as gifts - which is fine... however most of my friends are not 'crafty' and would not aprreciate the time and effort gone into making such an item. In fact at times it would be far easier to just pop into the shops and pick something of the shelf !!! So... even though it's handmade, it is semi expected to still 'buy' something to go with a handmade gift as in their eyes 'technically' it has not cost much.... that is until you mention the price of fabric in australia !!!

Does anyone else experience this ?

what do you think is a reasonable mark up on handmade items ??

and finally... anyone want to buy a bunting ?? lol X

Now I can't stop !

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  1. Ack I have this same dilemma! I find it so hard to price! In the end I usually work it out from a) what others are selling the for and how my product rates for value and quality in comparison b) how much time it takes c) how much it cost me to make d) what I could buy from the store of similar quality. I never expect to match the store price but at the same time it shouldnt be too extreme that people aren't going to mind paying a little extra. Look and see what other sellers are selling them for on Facebook, madeit and etsy. The hourly rate looks pitiful but I always consider that I'm doing it love to be home with my kids and I enjoy it....