Monday, August 15, 2011

Our weekend

Our weekend was a litlte crazy this week..... Matt celebrated a birthday on saturday which involved morning breakfast out at a local bakery, golf ( all day !!! ) followed by a yummy caramel mud cake and his favourite dinner. All Isabella wanted to buy him was cake and candles...... and she woke up singing 'Happy birthday daddy' !!! Very cute ! All kiah wanted to do in this photo below is go to bed and I was snapping away trying to get a decent shot of them looking at the camera ! Oh well at least I tried !

All in all - he had a lovely day. Quite different to the birthdays in the past - but thats what you get when you have 2 kids !

I got my own little surprise - kinda like a birthday present on friday for no reason at all except the lovely Kat from here was having a giveaway. I never win anything and I won these goodies....

I am quite short on 'blues' so they are a much welcomed addition to my 'stash'. Finally I got to sew this wonky star block for Maddy in the 'Aussie Buzzy Bee'.

and....... before you know it the weekend was over. How was your weekend ?

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  1. Yay so pleased they were a welcome addition to your stash :) I think it's fair to say that I am NOT short on blues... they make up the biggest portion of my stash, so it's great to share some lol...
    Isn't it a challenge trying to photograph kiddies!
    Happy birthday Matt!!