Monday, May 2, 2011

A false alarm and baby bloomers

Well..... what an interesting weekend we have had. Matt played golf as per usual on Saturday and rang about 6 times to check to see if I had gone into labour - which I hadn't and I started to get a little sick of the phone calls ! We visited a friend who has just had a little girl - Sophie May ( 7 pounds ) born last week and Isabella was so cute and kept on wanting to pat her head and hold her ! I made little Sophie the following singlet and bloomers which should fit her by summer - they are a 00.
Saturday night was all quite... and I manage to catch up on my bee blocks. These were made for Emily in the 'Bee in my bonnet' bee. She asked for crazy pieced blocks using the animal/ girl fabric as the center piece.

They were quick, fun ans easy to make

The lack of 'order' and structure played with my head a little and I kept on trying to get things nice and 'straight'
I think the less ordered and structured they look the better

all 4 blocks together: -

Anyway, Sunday was family time and we spent a lovely day together, going to the park, a slow walk and spending time outside in the garden.

Sunday afternoon I was experiencing regular contraction pain and was in agony !! I could not sit still nor get comfortable ! The pain was intense and regular ( for about 2 hours ) so we called a friend to come and look after Isabella and went to get things checked out at the hospital.

Sure enough when we got there things stopped !!! They did a few tests.... and while I was having high and regular contractions, no waters had broken and bubba was not distressed so they sent us home !

I just wish things would happen and that there would be no more false alarms.... so sitting today with baited breath !

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