Thursday, May 19, 2011

Goodie Bag Swap - sneak peek

I have had all my pieces cut out and half sewn for the 'Goodie Bag Swap' for like 3 weeks .... but lost my sewing mojo a bit. It was a combination of insomnia and feeling like a right off and following Amy butlers ' Cosmo bag' pattern and having to interface EVERY single piece !! Also because my ironing board is in another room, and moving hurts these days I have not picked it up for a few weeks !!

My excuse - 38 weeks pregnant, still have morning sickness, nothing fits and feeling sooooo uncomfortable that sitting hurts !!

Anyway this is the fabric I have used for my bag:

My partner requested something bright, bold and modern and likes pinks, greens and reds. Hope this fits the bill.
So............ I just need to sew the 2 exterior panels together and do the interior.

I better get a wriggle on as posting is nearing very soon and I think this baby will be here before we know it !

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