Thursday, May 26, 2011

Skipping girls !

What was I thinking ??? Just before having Kiah, I was fairly bored and with having Isabella is day care I was meant to be on 'bed rest'. However I was that uncomfortable and had the worst backache constantly I could hardly lie down let alone lie still. Sitting wasn't much better but I found if I was sewing or doing some kind of 'craft' it would take my mind of things.

So I made a whole heap of hair clips for Isabella, and some for little gifts for friends with girls as their birthdays are coming up soon. I also started making some more of my skipping ropes, which I normally sell in my 'made it' shop. One friend saw them when she popped over for a cuppa and a visit and 5 custom orders later.... which wear great... until I had a baby !!

Anyway they are now done and are off to their new homes. So that's all I have been making.... unless you count making breast milk !!

All the girls together

The lady who ordered them wanted 3 for girls with blonde hair, one for a little girl with brown hair and one for a girl with red hair. I hope she likes them !

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