Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hair clip hanger and an early mothers day pressie

Now that I am able to do a lot more with Isabella's hair it drives me crazy with all the little clips that she has. I have just put them in a little basket in her bedroom, but I can never find the right one when I am dressing her in a certain outfit. Plus she likes to 'help' and ends up tipping the whole basket out and just making a mess.

I have been looking on the web for a 'hair clip holder' or 'hair clip hanger' and have found a lot of people cover a canvas and use ribbon to store and display their little girl clips. I don't have much room on Isabella's dressing table and a 'canvas' type board was going to be too large.

So..........I came up with this one. I can hang it up, I can see the clips, it's out of reach for little hands and it tidies everything up.

My pictures aren't great but I think you get the idea.

The ribbon in the middle can be used to loop hair elastics through and ribbons when her hair eventually gets long enough. This is still in 'prototype' mode so it will probably be given to my niece for her birthday in a few weeks until I perfect my design. Also I will make Isabella's out of the 'Moda Basic Grey' range so it matches her quilt and pillow.

An early mother day present arrived in the mail yesterday. I have been interested in this book for a while and love working with Oliver & S patterns. I have earmarked a few things to make and will let you know what I think !

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  1. We all got the perfect idea to what these picture says. Any small girl would love to have such hangers in her room on which beautiful and colorful clips are being attached.